Can Big Data Analysis Make Cities Smarter? Emerging Issues and Stakeholder Implicationsin Smart Mobility


  • Serkan Gürsoy Beykoz University
  • Murat Yücelen Yeditepe University



Big data, Smart cities, Urbanization, ICT, Smart mobility, Industry-Academia collaboration


This study deals with the challenges and bottlenecks with respect to the concept of smart cities which has largely
been constructed on knowledge utilization issues and challenges. Despite the abundant existent literature in
this field, the effective transformation of data into knowledge which can become a source of competitive
advantage is still an ongoing debate, especially due to contemporary developments in big data analysis
methods, approaches and strategies. As an emerging problem, the derivation of significant meaning from big
data is among popular academic research fields, as well as being a crucial industrial and policy making
engagement regarding value creating mechanisms in smart cities. Therefore in this study, limitations and
challenges in translating big data into valuable knowledge in academia and industries are considered within the
concept of smart mobility. In an attempt to propose researchers, business firms and governmental entities a
collaborative approach, a perception about emerging issues is presented for clarifying some future constructs
intersecting in relevant research and applied fields.