Internet use and its importance in Kosovo


  • Hysni Terziu



Internet, development, economy, business, services, information, Kosovo.


The Internet as a communication medium, with its possibilities and its rapid development, revolutionized the way of doing business, so much so that it pushed a large number of economists to declare that, in the coming years of doing business through information technology, will be one of the most preferred opportunities for businesses and consumers across the globe. The main purpose of this paper is to identify the opportunities that businesses have to influence the economic development in the Republic of Kosovo, through their ability to generate new jobs, increase exports, and contribute to improving the living standards of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. Kosovo, using the Internet, as a contemporary and competitive form of business development. In order to realize such an environment, of course we have to consider two main issues, one to recognize and identify the problems that business has and another issue, how much human and material capacity Kosovo has, to provide a favorable environment. doing business online. The study realizes the first issue, which means that, in a scanned way, we tell the decision-making institutions that here are the administrative barriers that concern the business, here are the obstacles that unfairly tire the business, etc. The second issue should be asked by the relevant institutions and it should be noted that, if we want a success and sustainable economic development, then Kosovo should also provide an attractive business environment by applying the Internet.We conclude that favorable conditions must be created for the development of business and the Internet, in order for it to be efficient and sustainable, which is a necessary precondition for achieving the main goals of a sustainable economy, which contributes to the generation of countries. new jobs, improving the welfare and living standards of citizens in the Republic of Kosovo.