The Moderating Role of Leadership in the Talent Management and Employee Retention of Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge


  • Hasan Abdulla Al Hammadi
  • Mohd Asri Bin Mohd Noor Associate Professor Dr. Faculty of Management & Economics, University of Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Tanjung Malim, Malaysia



Talent Management, Career development, Competency Mapping, Performance management, Employee Engagement, Leadership, Employee retention1.


The purpose of this study to examine the moderating role of Leadership on the relationship between Talent Management (TM) and Employee Retention (ER) in Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi. This research is deductive approach and quantitative methods. This quantitative study used 57 items structured questionnaires which were distributed to 354 teachers in Abu Dhabi schools using strata random sampling techniques. A total of 354 usable surveys were collected from 256 schools in Abu Dhabi. And analysis using (Smart-PLS-SEM 3.2.6) path modelling. The findings of this study positive relationship between (P-value 0.002) career development and employee retention, (P-value 0.026) competency mapping and employee retention, (P-value 0.007) employee engagement and employee retention, (P-value 0.015) performance management and employee retention. Furthermore, regarding the moderation effect of leadership between the variables, the bootstrapping procedure by using Smart-PLS was used and the findings revealed that, out of four hypotheses, two hypotheses were found the significant moderation effect between employee engagement and employee retention (?=0.213, t=2.445, p-0.015), performance management and employee retention (?= -0.242, t=3.178, p-0.002). While, the moderation effect of leadership with career development (p=0.408) and competency mapping (p=0.792) was found insignificant. Therefore, it can be concluded that the leadership moderating thus impeding the contribution of talent management towards employee retention. The result implied that the Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi should adopt talent management to enhance their employee retention in future. Recommendations for further research were discussed at the end of the thesis.