The Moderating Effect of Organisational Culture on the Relationship Between Workplace Learning and Employees’ Performances in the United Arab Emirates


  • Faisal Ahmed Ali Al-Hammadi
  • Ahmad Amri Zainal Adnan
  • Siti Asma’ binti Mohd Rosdi



Workplace learning, informal workplace learning, incidental workplace learning, task performance, contextual performance, counterproductive work behaviour, organisational culture


The purpose of the current study was to elaborate the moderating effect of culture on workplace learning and employees’ performances in the United Arab Emirates. The study had a purpose to contribute new knowledge to the existing literature available on the workplace learning and job performances. It also highlighted the contemporary literature on the topic specifically formal and information learning, as well as, performance related to tasks and contextual. The research explained and highlighted the role of training and development on employees’ performances to improve the quality of task process. An empirical study was conducted and data was collected through questionnaire to obtain the results. The present study aimed to contribute to new knowledge to the existing literature on workplace learning and job performance. Particularly, the study analysed contemporary literature on workplace learning and job performances, specifically formal and informal learning as well as employee task performance and contextual performance. The study hypothesized that informal, incidental and formal workplace learning had direct positive significant relationships with employee task and contextual performance. Findings of the study developed that adopting effective techniques of workplace learning, and techniques can improve employees’ performances. The study, further, showed that the Informal, formal and incidental workplace learning had direct and positive impact on employee task and contextual performance. The study showed that there is a significant positive relationship between workplace learning including formal, informal and incidental learning, and job performance including task performance, contextual performance and counterproductive work behaviour. It was also found that there was a positive relationship between result-oriented cultures with two types of job performance but there was a significant relationship between team orient culture and task performance. Furthermore, the moderating effect of innovation, communication and people-oriented culture on the relationship between incidental workplace learning and contextual performance was significant.