Comparative Review of Socio Economic Levels in Balkan Countries


  • Ebru Z. Boyacıoğlu Asst. Prof. Dr.,Trakya University, Department of Economics,
  • Müge Atakan


Balkan Countries, Socio-Economic Levels, Comparison.


The paper analyses the state of Balkan Countries' socio economic levels and their structures based on development indicators. The main objective of the research is to identify the main differences between the Balkan countries’ and relate them to the differences existing in the overall. The socio-economic performance of Balkan Countries have been discussed elaborately making a comparison between them. The general aim of research is to determine whether differences in socio-economic levels in Balkan countries between 2000 and 2017. This region is a developing countries’ geography . Also a comprehensive research encompassing of Balkan Countries is still lacking. It is important to determine the socio-economic status of this region in which political developments and changes have been bring out in the recent decades.The research included in current study is based on secondary data analysis. Ind?cators from economy, population, health, environment gender, tourism, etc. were determined in the base of social and economic status. Research data were obtained from DataBank of World Bank. As a result of this research, although they are in same region and have similar conditions, main differences on socio-economic situations were found. Reducing socioeconomic inequalities depends upon speeding up structural reforms in Balkan Countries. The results obtained from this research can be used as a source for planning the structural reforms (if needed).