Service Quality and Education Cost Implication the Decision to Stay Active Re-Study Mediated by Student Satisfaction – A Study at Private University in West Java


  • Yenny Maya Dora Faculty of Business and Management Universitas Widyatama Bandung Indonesia



Quality of Service, Cost of Education, Student Satisfaction, Student Decision


This study aims to analyze the implication of service quality variables and education costs in relation to student satisfaction variables as well as variables of Student Decision to Stay Active Re-study at Private University in West Java. This research was conducted by survey method, the data obtained by the distribution of student questionnaires. The population of this research is private university student in West Java. Data were analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with AMOS 18. From the results of this study can be concluded that the decision of students to Stay Active Re-study is implication the variable Services Quality and Education Cost through student satisfaction variable.