Creative Accounting – Some Aspects of Knowledge and Implementation in Albania


  • Mirela UJKANI MITI PhD., Lecture on Accounting Department, Faculty of Economics University of Tirana Albanian, Tirana, Albania
  • Elena Myftaraj (Tomori)
  • Ueda Hajrullaj



accounting standards, creative accounting, financial reporting, management, accountant professional


This paper comes as a result of exploring the creative accounting level of recognition and its use by accounting professionals during the preparation of the financial statements of the entities (SMEs) in Albania. In our country the financial reporting is based on national accounting standards which are in accordance with international accounting standards (IFRS for SME). So, based on the literature review, we will give some definitions of creative accounting as well as aspects of its use in different countries. Starting from those practices, we will identify the main factors why managers and accounting professionals exercise creative accounting. Through an analysis based on questionnaire’s data addressed to accounting professionals, we want to show if such practice is implemented in our country and how it is visualized by accounting professionals. In conclusion of this paper we will give some recommendations on the recognition and use of creative accounting by accountants in our country.