The Importance of Resource Assessment for Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Development in Kosovo


  • Prof. Dr.Sejdi Rexhepi Faculty of Philosophy, Departament of Political Science, University of Prishtina
  • Mjelma Kadriu



resource assessment, local economic development, human and natural resources, entrepreneurship


Kosovo is an underdevelopment country that faces challenges such as poverty, large numbers of unemployment people, and slow economic development. Faced with this fact, country is estimated to be rich in considerable natural resources as well as a relatively young population. Therefore, knowledge and assessment of resources is an important prerequisite for their valorization in function of faster economic development. In underdeveloped countries such as Kosovo, there are not enough professional institutions that provide reliable data on available national resources and their comparative advantages. In these circumstances entrepreneurship and economic development are closely related to entrepreneurial courage and the overall perception for resources and market trends. Entrepreneurship is a basic prerequisite for activating resources. This is particularly the case in underdeveloped localities with high degree of unemployment. For this purpose, individual knowledge is very important to undertake activities that would be successfully concluded. In this research an effort will be made to explain the importance of knowing and evaluating local resources for entrepreneurship and local economic development. In particular, the role of civil and business perceptions will be explained and interpreted with proper statistical methods in order to bring professional and scientific conclusions.