A Study of the Client Culture Influences on the Creation of Tailored Design Homes in New Communities Around Cairo


  • Karim Kesseiba Cairo University




culture, domestic tailored design, design process, design patterns.


The design process of residential homes is one of the most dynamic ones, due to its strong interrelation with the life patterns, economical strategies, needs and cultural traits of the clients. This is relevant in the case of tailored design homes in the new suburbs around Cairo, where the client aims to fulfill several of his life goals and visions, in addition to the possible freedom of design creations which are not as much bounded to the limitations inside the city. Accordingly, the architect has to deal with twofold aspects, first is aiming to understand and react to the clients culture and second to produce accepted architectural values and qualities. Although both aspects appear to be intertwined, however, case studies reflected that in several aspects, the clients’ culture affects the production of the aspired design vision. Thus, the paper aims to discuss the dilemma through two case studies in one of the gated communities around Cairo, based on qualitative analysis of how the designer managed to mediate the design of tailored homes between the clients’ culture and the production of valued architectural quality. This study will be based on the brief and anonymous explanation of the social profile of the clients’ social background which acted as the motivator in the design process, based on interviews with architect who worked in the design development process.