Road Asset Management Assessment


  • Diana Bardhi PhD. Cand. Eng. Department of Civil Engineering, Metropolitan University of Tirana, Albania



Infrastructure, asset management, payment life cycle, road condition


Albanian Road Authority (ARA) under the administration of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure. It is responsible agency for the process of construction and maintenance of national and regional roads. Albanian Development Fund (ADF) is the agency for construction of rural and regional road infrastructure, also training for maintenance and management of municipalities responsible for maintenance of the urban and rural roads. ARA and ADF are using public funds for the construction of road infrastructure network, so due to restriction budgetary in road maintenance they the need to develop a strategy for the management and financial of maintenance, based on current accounting principles and efficiency of public funds in order to ensure safety and cost saving users. This includes the use of a balance of investments made to launch a database for years and the development of basic documents for the planning and control of public spending in these activities. The question that arises and requires an analysis is: a generally accepted value will be calculated for the infrastructure during its useful life, using the principles of sound accounting and valuation of real estate activities internationally applied. The results show that the existing accounting standards are suitable for use in infrastructure management, allowing a better control of public spending on infrastructure, while the principles of technical assessment of public infrastructure assets require the creation of a database and inventory for all road classification.




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Bardhi, D. (2021). Road Asset Management Assessment. European Journal of Engineering and Formal Sciences, 5(1), 25–36.