Investigation of Lecturer' Attitudes towards E-Learning According to Demographic Variables


  • Rovena Bahiti University of Tirana , Tirana, Albania
  • Gazmend Xhaferi University of Tetovo, Tetovo, Macedonia
  • Arta Farizi SEE University, Tetovo, Macedonia



Lecturers' attitudes, gender, age, faculty, teaching experience, e-learning experience.


E-learning is an imminent method that used technology to assist student learning. It is one of the tools that has emerged from information and communication technology and has been integrated in many universities. A lecturer is one of the most important stakeholders for integration of e-learning. The purpose of this research was to investigate the influence of lecturers demographic factors on their attitudes towards integration of e-learning in a Institution on higher education in Macedonia. In this study 49 teachers teaching in two major faculties in University of Tetovo, Macedonia were analyzed. In this paper was used questionnaire to collect data. Several statistical techniques were used for analyses of data using SPSS, including t-tests, one-way ANOVA, and correlation analyses. The result revealed that lecturers' have high attitude towards e-learning and their attitude scores did not differ significantly with their personal variables: gender, faculty and age, but have significantly differences with factors teaching experience and e-learning experience. The reported findings might be of interest to academics, administrators, and decision-makers involved in planning, developing and implementation of future e-learning strategies in Macedonia and similar developing countries.




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Bahiti, R., Xhaferi, G., & Farizi, A. (2021). Investigation of Lecturer’ Attitudes towards E-Learning According to Demographic Variables. European Journal of Engineering and Formal Sciences, 5(1), 16–25.